About Me

ryley and the girlsI am blessed to live with my beautiful family in Northern California, while simultaneously navigating the complex world of being a mom. Becoming a mom is truly the best choice I’ve ever made (aside from marrying my husband! Love you, honey!).

Since having our two beautiful girls, I’ve spent the last three years trying to find (and refind, plus refine…) myself within the context of woman, wife, daughter, friend, and mother. Finding yourself is hard enough through the teen years, twenties, thirties and so on (so I’ve heard, I’m still in the 30s), but finding yourself while constantly giving all that you have to your children is an entirely new challenge.

I always knew I wanted to have kids, but never thought about what it would actually be like to be a mom, even when I was pregnant and months (days, or hours) away from becoming one. This blog is a reflection of that, and an honest introspection to all that entails.

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