Finding Re-June-venation

drink more water

This card sits above my desk at work and is a daily reminder of one of my re-June-venation goals.

Okay, there, I’ve done it. I’ve made my first play on words on Finding Mom(me)…okay, second. The credit for that should really go to my Dad and his lifelong love of puns and word plays. Alas, now that I’ve done it, and you’ve understandably groaned at the cheesiness of the title, I may as well keep going.

June snuck up on me quickly this year. I work for a seasonal organization where summer contains the busiest months so it’s not like June was a big surprise. In fact, I’ve spent eight months working toward the next four, so really, the jump from May to June should have been the most predictable part of my weekend. But, as is true of most days, time slipped away from me and went by way too fast. I wouldn’t really believe May even happened except that it’s my husband’s birth month. No, not the month that contains his birthday. It’s an entire month.

At any rate, if New Year’s is the time to set resolutions that none of us will really keep, and Spring is the time to do some cleaning that none of us really do, I’m calling June my month of truth and rejuvenation. It’s my month to be honest with myself (and thanks to this blog, honest with all of you). And it’s my month to set some goals for small victories (as I noted in a previous post) to refresh and recalibrate as I head into my busiest season of work. So, here are some of my truths and goals for small victories, in no particular order:

  • I don’t floss except for the week before I go to the dentist, unless I have something really jammed in there. (Maybe I’ll do that more.)
  • I don’t like to exercise unless there’s really good pop music, dance moves, and other people. (See below.)
  • Flashmobs are my favorite form of spontaneous happiness. (See above.)
  • I believe in the power of ice cream and its healing properties. (So I’ll keep eating it.)
  • Some days, I drink more coffee than water. (I’m going to flip that around.)
  • I have the same taste in music as most 16 year-old girls. Ask my husband, it’s true. (Not much we can do about this one…)
  • Sleep is important, and the TV shows I watch until late at night are not. (Time to prioritize the former, rather than the latter.)
  • Parenting is hard and I make mistakes daily. (I’m going to embrace them more.)
  • Parenting is hard and I have successes daily. (I’m going to embrace them more.)

How will you find your re-June-venation?

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