Finding my side gig

IMG_2543When I left my full time job last October, I knew I still wanted a foot in the professional world. It may not be mainstream, and it may not be right for everyone, but for me jumping into the world of direct sales was the perfect fit. I can work on my own time while still taking care of the kids, and I can use the skills I’ve honed over the last decade in customer service, sales, and analytical thinking to develop my own business.

I’m so thrilled to share that has picked up a piece I wrote about why I chose this path and has published it on their national platform! Take a look by clicking here.


7561E058-1A47-4F36-B683-66C77F5CCC0E(And, while I’ve been committed to keeping Finding Mom(me) entirely separate from my side gig, this national post feels like an appropriate place to let my readers know that if you are looking for the perfect solution to common skin conditions – wrinkles, sun spots, acne, or sensitivity – or you’re looking for a fun side gig that can fit into your already busy life just like I was, I’d be happy to help! Drop me a message and we can chat. That’s it… no more plugs for my side gig on this platform. Mic drop. Mama out.)

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